Karen Klibanow, MSW

I have been a behavioral health clinician for 35 years as well as having been director of training of behavioral health interns and residents and instructor of psychiatric residents.  My advanced training is in the areas of cognitive behavioral therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and other modalities. I have worked effectively with clients with eating disorders using these models. 

I have found that my greatest satisfaction comes from accompanying my clients on their journey of internal change. Most often that involves working with clients who are feeling “stuck” as they try to move forward in their lives.  As a result I have moved toward coaching people as they make change.  

My practice focuses on getting “unstuck” by creating the life that is authentic and meaningful for you. Principles of positive psychology and therapeutic approaches which lead to increased self-knowledge and new behaviors form the basis of our work.  I will work with you to connect deeply with your inner wisdom, to strengthen your commitment to your goals, and to reduce obstacles to reaching your goals.  We will focus on changing unproductive thinking and reducing your fear of change. You will learn a variety of life skills, including mindfulness and cognitive restructuring, which will guide you throughout your life in moving forward.