Justin Greer, MC, LAC

“When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”- Alexander Den Heijer

At times, we may find that we are not blossoming, but simply waiting and hoping that things will change.

Navigating growth can make it difficult to reach our potential. And sometimes, we believe it is impossible to reach that place at all. We may blame ourselves or others. The thing that breaks the back of not believing something can be accomplished, is having a well-defined plan and sticking to it. Let’s create that plan by examining the environment and using already developed skills and strengths to your


My name is Justin Greer, and I am a Licensed Associate Counselor (LAC) holding a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling and Mental Health. I have successfully worked with and treated a range of client and family concerns such as substance abuse, autism, trauma, disruptive behaviors, depression and anxiety, phase of life adjustments, and family dynamics. I have worked with hundreds of clients and families with diverse backgrounds, experiences, goals and aspirations; including children, adolescents, adults,and families while maintaining multicultural sensitivity and following strict ethical guidelines. I ask thought-provoking questions that allow others to arrive at their own conclusions, believing that no one knows us better than ourselves. Thinking through challenging situations, I utilize an eclectic blend of motivational interviewing, solution-focused intervention, and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) while maintaining a person-centered approach. 

The youngest of 12 children, a husband, father of three, uncle to 42 (and increasing), basketball fan, skier, lifelong learner, community advocate, public speaker, and a counselor, coach and therapist for nearly a half-decade; I draw from these experiences to add perspective and seek understanding about the human condition. One take-away being the importance of building and maintaining healthy relationships, much like tending to a beautiful garden. Whether you find yourself in the harshest environment, or if you may just need a little extra support, I

would be honored to work alongside you in reaching your full potential.

I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) and Aetna insurances, and/or private pay.

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