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Specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy, I work with clients to understand and, when necessary, change thought patterns and the behaviors attached to those thoughts. I help clients understand the why and to create a better what. Employing several forms of cognitive and behavioral therapy, I focus on individual client’s needs to treat mental and medical issues such as anxiety, OCD, depression, personality disorders and more. 

Beyond these formal diagnoses, I also work with clients who are experiencing difficult life changes and may be facing uncertain transitions (career, family, health). 

We all experience painful, confusing periods in our lives, and therapy can provide a safe, secure and judgment-free place to explore these stages and work through them. My goal as a therapist is to provide this space and use therapy to guide clients through the process of creating positive, lasting change in their lives. 

Children, Teens, Adults

The Holistic Approach

The connection between the mind, body and spirit is one of the primary foundations of all good health, mental and physical. It’s important, then, to not only understand how these connections are made but to strengthen them and work to build positive, healthy relationships between our physical and mental selves. 

I work with clients to understand the relationship between how we think, feel, behave and interact with our environments, including the people around us. In both individual and group settings, I teach clients to use Mindfulness to create balance, which helps us tolerate distress, regulate emotions and strengthen interpersonal relationships. In working to develop a strong sense of self, we increase confidence and learn that we have power over our thoughts, choices and actions. 

We can choose to be our best selves through a balance of acceptance of self and actionable striving for change. I use this holistic approach to inspire, empower and motivate clients toward their best selves. By trusting this process and their own innate goodness, clients learn to harness their own personal power and create long-term, lasting change within their lives. 

Comfort in One - Julia

A native of Arizona, I have two sons to keep me busy outside of my practice and have a passion for health and wellness. I love travel, exploring different places and, always, meeting new people. I love my job and the counseling profession as a whole, as it enables me to combine my passions for people and health and wellness in a way that allows me to create positive change in my community. 

I hold a BS in Psychology from ASU and a Master of Counseling from University of Phoenix (2002). My passion for therapy began during my two-year postgraduate residency program, and I have completed intensive training in Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and EMDR. I use these forms of therapy and others to create individual plans for clients best suited to their needs, personalities and goals. My approach to therapy is much like life: fluid and open.

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